The 2021 Late Summer Drink…

To celebrate the arrival of NL-ix in Berlin, we have decided to extend our flagship event to Germany.

Join us for the Berlin Edition of the Late Summer Drink!

Meet your fellow peers and the rest of the Berlin community for a couple of Beers & Burgers. No presentations, no lengthy speeches, just the sound of live voices, glasses clincking and laughter!


When: Thursday, 23 September ’21 | 17:00 CEST onwards


Where: Berlin, Germany

Venue: The Patio (


Naturally, we will organize this event in compliance with the German rules and guidelines regarding the COVID virus. Your safety is paramount to us and we will do everything to make this a safe and enjoyable event.

*Please Note: This is the extension to our flagship Late Summer Drink that happens in the Netherlands every year. If you want to register for that please click on this link LATE SUMMER DRINK, THE NETHERLANDS




Registration for the Late Summer Drink 2021 has ended. If you still wish to attend the event, please contact us with an email to:

Who will you meet at Berlin’s Late Summer Drink?


Name Company
Bernhard Giese IPB Internet Provider in Berlin GmbH
Hariharan Jayaraman Benocs
Peter Gerbig ARISTA Networks GmbH
Michael Lauterbach Büro Falko Mohrs MdB
Alexander  Sulzberger  Ecoband Networks
David Tatlisu  Strato AG
Sven Tron Flexoptix GmbH
Axel Schröck AVM GmbH
Amer Ajalyakeen  KLEO Connect GmbH
Michael Rhode SysEleven
Simon Polack SysEleven
Falk von Bornstaedt Leitwert
Dirk Hartel AVM GmbH
Silko Frohberg ITDZ Berlin
Andreas Schürkamp NTT Global Data Centers EMEA GmbH
Victor Jaramillo Vic\’s Tech Service LLC
Elke Kürschner  WOBcom
Stephan Höhn CBXNET combox internet GmbH
Martin Janda ITDZ
Stephan Schroeder Benocs
Andreas Wözel WIFISAX GmbH
Marcus Stoegbauer Vattenfall Eurofiber GmbH 
Harry Alexe 1&1 Versatel Deutschland GmbH
Thomas Witt NU
Vincentz Petzholtz SysEleven GmbH
Stefan Plug Strato
Giovanni Coppa WOBCOM Gmbh
Florian Hibler Arista Networks
Birgit Schönborn
Thorsten Deutrich Globaldots
Kurt Kayser Kurt Kayser Konsultation
Wida Schmidt Carrier Community GmbH & Co KG (CC)
Björn Heller Frachtwerk GmbH
Christian Dieckhoff WOBCOM GmbH
Phuong Nguyen Telia Carrier
Marien Keizer NLix
Helga Krüger Herbst Datentechnik GmbH
Henry Schaefer Verizon
Bernhard Krönung regio[.NET] GmbH & Co. KG
Rene Fichtmueller Flexoptix GmbH
Lydia Steffenhagen IPB Internet Provider in Berlin GmbH
Carsten Schiefner All Things Internet. And Internet of Things.
Ulrich Plate atene KOM GmbH
Mario Peschel InterNetworX Management GmbH
Mark Borchardt Colt Technology
Frank Nowicki Cogent Communication
Christoph Strickert magellan netzwerke GmbH
Farhana von Mitzlaff GIZ
Sebastian Ide Dawico Deutschland GmbH
Rebecca Maschke BENOCS
Lori Schiesl BENOCS
Tobias Just Megaport
Wilhelm Boeddinghaus GmbH
Shankar Mondal Benocs GmbH
Robert  Schwanitz  Herbst Datentechnik GmbH
Amitesh Kamani NL-ix
Phillip Urbanik BENOCS
Michael Prinzinger Port Zero
Dustin Sanders Megaport
Cristian La Rocca Megaport
Jerry Grondel NL-ix
Christian Seitz IN-Berlin e.V.
Marcs Schäfer Hostserver GmbH
Ulf Kieber NL-ix
Jean Ekstein NL-ix
Gerald Reutemann NL-ix

*We will update the list of attendees every week


We welcome everybody from the Internet and Interconnect Community at large, to the Late Summer Drink. However please note, we reserve the right to limit the number of participants per company.

Your health and wellbeing are, of course, far more important than any event. Consequently, we will be watching the Covid situation, and how it develops, very closely. We will take all safety precautions and act accordingly to the Government guidelines. If we feel we cannot ensure your safety, we will cancel the event.

We will execute CoronaCheck tests at the entrance. This means that you MUST present a valid QR code to indicate complete vaccination, proof of recovery or a recent negative test result. German QR codes as well as EU Green Pass QR codes are accepted. You MUST also provide identification. Without a valid QR code and matching ID you will not be allowed entrance.