The 2022 Berlin Late Summer Drink…

Last year we had our first edition of Summer Drink in Berlin. We saw some great responses to the event and couldn’t wait any longer to meet again. 

Join us for the Second Edition of the Summer Drink in Berlin!

The Berlin Summer Drinks is a social event with the sole purpose of meeting your Industry peers and colleagues from the Berlin community and beyond. No presentations, no commercial dealings, just drinks, a couple of burgers, meeting new people, or laughs with old friends!


When: Thursday, 22nd Sep ’22 | 17:30 CEST onwards

Where: Berlin, Germany

Venue: The Patio (,
Kirchstraße 13, 10557 Berlin



Registration for the Late Summer Drink 2021 has ended. If you still wish to attend the event, please contact us with an email to:


Who will you meet at Berlin’s Late Summer Drink?

Name Company
Camila Haika Zumach Styleheads
Chahinez  Djouher Boudraa 
Henning Kroll AVM GmbH
Gerald Wood AC@Authentic Consult GmbH
Aldrin Cuisia Carrier Community GmbH & Co.
Wida Schmidt Carrier Community GmbH & Co.
Guzal Pazylova Carrier Community
David Tatlisu STRATO
Rebecca Maschke BENOCS
Sebastian Grafmüller GHOSTnet GmbH
Henry Schaefer Verizon
Christoph  Fabritius Vodafone Carrier Services
Helga  Krüger Herbst Datentechnik GmbH
Christian Backe
Susann Böhme
Cristian La Rocca Megaport/ECIX
Marcus Brauckmann DE-CIX Management GmbH
Hartmut  Ruppin SenInnDS Berlin 
Frank Nowicki Cogent
Ulrich Plate Munich General Insurance Services GmbH
Thomas Jessen EXA Infrastructure
Jens Lietzmann BCIX Management GmbH
Sascha Müller e.discom Telekommunikation GmbH
peter gerbig arista
Jens Link
Christoph Streit ScaleUp Technologies
Jürgen  Lange  GlobalConnect 
Michael Horn Foundation
Thorsten Deutrich GlobalDots DE GmbH
Stefan Wahl Open7
Jerry Grondel NL-ix
Stefan Plug STRATO
Jean Ekstein NLix
Phillip Urbanik BENOCS GmbH
Veit Heller Independent
Axel Hengemuehle Verizon
Alisa Ehlert maincubes one GmbH
Marcus Stoegbauer Vattenfall Eurofiber GmbH
Carsten Schiefner All Things Internet. And Internet of Things.
Birgit Schönborn
Wilhelm Boeddinghaus GmbH
Krystana Föh BENOCS
Lori Schiesl BENOCS
Julia Sontag Vattenfall Eurofiber GmbH
Leon Weber Vattenfall Eurofiber GmbH
Alexander Sulzberger Ecoband Networks
Stephan Höhn CBXNET combox internet GmbH
Thomas Giechau MDDSL GmbH
Robert Schwanitz Herbst Datentechnik GmbH
Andreas Engel IPB Internet Provider in Berlin GmbH 
Ulf Kieber NLix

We welcome everybody from the Internet and Interconnect Community at large, to the Late Summer Drink. However please note, that we reserve the right to limit the number of participants per company.

Naturally, we will organize this event in compliance with the German rules and guidelines regarding the COVID virus. Your safety is paramount to us and we will do everything to make this a safe and enjoyable event.