The Virtual Interconnect Days (VID)

are a series of free, one-hour virtual events focused on bringing the International Internet, Peering & Interconnection community together to meet, network, share knowledge, have some fun and do business. The VID attracts people in technical and commercial functions of all levels, representing a broad spectrum of the community and is the perfect place to build your network.

As a fast-growing part of the Internet Core Infrastructure, NL-ix occupies a central role in the Ecosystem. We are a partner to all other pieces of that ecosystem. That is why NL-ix is able to bring together participants of all different disciplines of the Ecosystem on its Events. We feel this gives us the responsibility to bring the community together.

So there you have it! Polish your virtual presence, pick your favorite backdrop and be sure to register for the June 17 edition of the Virtual Interconnect Days!

Program Overview

15:00 – 15:15 Introduction by NL-ix

15:15 – 16:00 Break Out Rooms

  • Room 1: Session on Artificial Intelligence by Oliviana Bailey
  • Room 2: Session on BlockChain by Arno Laeven

16:00 Onwards  Social

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Speaker Updates


Oliviana Bailey
Oliviana leads the development of EscherClouds community and ecosystem, including the launch of the AI Lab. Formerly Head of Community at Rockstart and INGs open innovation district Cumulus Park, Oliviana has built and scaled communities across sectors successfully bringing startups, corporates, governments and talent together to collaboratively innovate. 
Artificial Intelligence has become synonymous with digital transformations and innovation, but what can AI really do? How will it affect and be affected by internet connectivity. This talk will give insight into A.I. and show the possibilities and challenges to this technology. 
Arno Laeven

Arno Laeven is responsible for the Self Sovereign Identity activities at the Dutch Blockchain Coalition but he also leads the track on blockchain and energy. Six years ago Arno got interested in blockchain while he was heading up IT Innovation at Philips. Ever since, blockchain -or more broadly decentralised digital infrastructure- is the focus of his work. He was an advisor to KLM, Bosch, Energy Web Foundation and the European Commission and he was the founder and lead of the blockchain activities at Shell.

Arno will talk about the real meaning of decentralisation and the use of blockchain. How does it impact infrastructure choices but also when and why does decentralisation matter most? 

Snippets from VID Jun’21 Edition


Artificial Intelligence by Oliviana Bailey


Blockchain by Arno Laeven

Part 1


Part 2

Snippets from VID Mar’21 Edition

Hilarious and Entertaining opening by our favourite PEP ROSENFELD


Jon Hjembo, Senior Manager at TeleGeograhphy, gave us an interactive tour around the new 2021 Internet Map as a whole focusing on what is happening in Europe, Eastern Europe and on the Covid Effect


Jesse Robbers, Co-Founder & Director at Quantum Delta NL, in an interactive presentation took us into the subatomic realms and lead us along with boson particles and through string theory towards Qbits and the answers.